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Stationery Pad (Template)
Did you know you can save your Notebook file as a "Stationery Pad" file to preserve the original document (make it a template) and have the original file open up in a duplicate file? You no longer have to duplicate the file or worry about not saving a file when you are done using it.

1. Select the file in the Finder
2. Go to file get info
3. Under General click Stationary Pad. 

Touch Recognition- (Gesture Settings) (video example)
Did you know that while you have a pen in your hand, you can use your fist to erase and your finger to select and move objects?
To activate this feature you need to be connected to a SMART Board:

1. Connect your computer to the SMART Board 
2. Open the SMART Notebook Control Panel
3. Select the SMART Hardware Settings
4. Select Mouse and Gesture Settings in the list
5. Select Enable Touch Recognition
6. Select Apply
7. You can also click Touch Recognition settings to change the sensitivity of the gestures
(click on screenshot for larger view)

Other District 39 SMART Products- (check with your librarian or technology teachers for availability)

What is a SMART BOARD?
A SMART board is a brand of interactive whiteboards. They are large touch sensitive displays that connect a computer to a projector. Everything you can do on your computer you can display AND interact with on a SMART board. Teachers and students can access the Internet, PowerPoint or Keynote, spreadsheets, videos, Google Earth, Microsoft Word and Excel files as well as ANY application on their computer. In addition, SMART Notebook software can be used to create interactive lessons. This software uses drawing tools as well as a library of pictures, movies, sounds, and interactive tools like dice, spinners, and a protractor. The SMART board is connected to a computer with a USB cable and an audio cable. It comes with 4 digital writing utensil that utilize digital ink replacing the traditional whiteboard markers.

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WPS 39 Typical Configuration- Controller- You can plug multiple devices into your SMART board such as a VCR/DVD player, a Video Camera, or an iPod.
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